Origami Whitepaper


Executive Summary
Today’s evolving blockchain technology allows companies to run marketplaces (B2C or B2B) for
faster and cheaper than ever.

But there are still problems with the current atmosphere.
For one, the speed and cost by which online marketplaces are developed and run can be improved.
Secondly, at this moment in time, escrow payments are still very expensive and far from accepting
crypto-currencies as payments.

Lastly, the review process for online marketplaces contains several major flaws that must be
addressed before marketplaces can be truly decentralized.
Origami Network is an all-in-one decentralized protocol that solves several existing problems
related to online marketplace development and maintenance, escrow payments, and reviews.
The Origami Network has a working product and several customers already on board benefitting
from its technology. The Origami Network is based on three self-sufficient platforms:
o Origami Marketplace
o Origami Payment, and
o Origami Review.

These ​complementary platforms can be used in a modularized fashion or together.
The Origami Network is the only B​lockchain-Powered protocol that builds decentralized online
marketplaces faster and easier than current models allow, while also utilizing blockchain-based
escrow payments and improving review systems. The result is faster, easier, cheaper, and more
reliable marketplace experiences for both consumer and business owner.
Decentralized marketplaces allow to redistribute value to the people who actually contribute the
most value in the network.

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