Orbis Token Whitepaper

The purpose of this white paper is to present the
ORBIS financial blockchain system, and the
accompanying ORBS and ORBIS coins, to
potential investors and coin-holders.
The information contained in this white paper
should not be taken as complete and exhaustive,
nor should it be considered to imply any
resemblance of a contractual relationship. Rather,
it is intended only to provide information to
potential users of ORBIS technology, such as
coin-holders or investors. They may use what
they learn here to determine whether they are
interested in performing a thorough and
well-researched analysis from here before
investing capital into funding the growth of
ORBIS or purchasing ORBS/ORBIS coins.
The ORBS token has been developed as a utility
coin and is not to be sold or used in any
jurisdiction where such sale or use may be

This whitepaper is an English-language guide
and represents the primary information source
for the ORBIS project and its accompanying coins.
It may be translated to other languages if it is to
be used in the course of communication with
those who don’t speak English, for the purposes
of delivering information on ORBIS, but the
accuracy of such translations cannot be
considered official nor can it be guaranteed. In
the event of conflicts or contradictions, this
English-language document shall be considered

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Orbis Token Whitepaper