Optimal Shelf Availability Token Whitepaper


This white paper describes the Optimal Shelf Availability Decentralized Platform, also known as OSA DC. As a standard term in the retail industry, optimal shelf availability refers to the immediate availability of all the relevant goods on a retailer’s shelves at any moment in time. An airtight OSA is crucial to increasing sales volume and profitability, customer satisfaction, and the overall efficiency of a retail business. The OSA DC platform itself is a business project, developed by a team distributed between Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and Israel. It uses data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and optical recognition technologies to improve optimal shelf availability for retailers and like businesses.

In this section of the white paper, we introduce OSA DC’s business concept and the problems it’s looking to solve within the retail industry and supply chain markets. In addition, we outline our customer base, existing competition, and our sources of inspiration. We’ll conclude by describing our product’s developmental progress and our current achievements, finally summarizing these details with our product roadmap for 2018/2019.


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