OptiToken Whitepaper

Most people have a very hard time profiting when exchanging cryptocurrencies or
currencies in general with a goal of achieving benefits in differing currency values.
This type of currency exchange is highly complicated due to extreme volatility
and abundant manipulation. Newcomers with a lot of will and very few skills
stand to lose much value partaking in such exchanging as opposed to just using
one cryptocurrency that focuses on price appreciation as a goal over time. Many
constantly chase the mob and follow the latest trends of the hottest
cryptocurrency or when there are price spikes. This causes people to exchange
into a cryptocurrency after the fact, as opposed to the golden rule of buying low
and selling high.

As an algorithmically traded cryptocurrency, adopters of Optitoken gain the benefit
of utilizing a medium of payment that is exposed to 24/7 trading through code
developed with the strategies used by traders in a portfolio of established and
manually selected cryptocurrencies.

Essentially, the algorithm takes advantage of price swings among a select group
of tokens, known as “The Basket,” made up of a variable number of coin(s) deemed
statistically or categorically undervalued. They will also be established and growth
driven projects with high upside potential based on several factors based on past
trends of growth and/or market averages. It will also take into account token
supply and market capitalization.

The project aims to create profits from this ongoing series of trades and infuse
it into the market(s) of OptiToken itself to provide constant sporadic upward
price pressure. The tokens purchased are then destroyed by sending them to an
unspendable address to create ever growing scarcity in the token supply and
disallow the tokens from re-entering the ecosystem as ‘sell pressure.’ The remaining
OptiTokens will gain value each time this cycle occurs.

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OptiToken Whitepaper