Open Trading Network Whitepaper


The world of cryptocurrency is developing rapidly. The cryptocurrency exchange market is already
in the billions of dollars a day and is tripling yearly. At the same time, the number of cryptocurrencies
is growing exponentially. It is to be expected that not only will large countries and banks
release their own currencies, but large businesses will also have their own, and every loyalty program
in every café or pizza place will move freely in the marketplace.
Our main goal is to combine isolated blockchain networks into a unified open network. Just as
the emergence of the Internet connected corporate and university networks and generated a huge
number of new industries, along with revolutions in commerce and communication and a new information
age, the Open Trading Network will similarly merge isolated blockchain networks to create
the infrastructure of the future.

We see four major types of players in this world of cryptocurrencies:
• Individuals (physical users of cryptocurrency)
• Businesses (small companies and large corporations)
• Traders (companies and people who provide liquidity in markets)
• Regulators (supervisory agencies that protect the interests of the parties)

We want to make the crypto world open to ordinary people and all market participants. Our intention
is to create a set of mass market applications that can be used to effectively manage all of a
user’s crypto assets, perform cross-market transactions, securely store savings, access the global
marketplace, easily work with tokenized loyalty systems, and make purchases from a crypto wallet.
A business can quickly set up tokenization for any services and instantly enter the market. For
financial institutions, we want to offer a convenient transition to a new ecosystem, while maintaining
speed and liquidity. For regulators, the network will provide both the necessary transparency and
additional regulatory tools.

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Open Trading Network Whitepaper