Opal Whitepaper


File storage and transfer has repeatedly shown its vulnerabilities in both security and privacy and this
problem is amplified when storing one’s files and information in the cloud. In an effort to find a final
solution to this problem, decentralized cloud storage was created. Highly skilled individuals and
organizations are researching different solutions to harness this new technology. Opal is developing an
experimental system that will allow individuals the ability to: upload, transfer, and decrypt files using
the Opal Core wallet through the Storj MetaDisk api.

Current file storage systems leave users with an inadequate system protections. Consumers must trust
major sites like Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox to resist appropriating user information for their own
uses or forfeiting that information to third parties for profiy or even divulging said information to
government entities. In light of recent revelations of security breaches, government leaks, and outright
corporate theft; business’ and individual trust in centralized cloud security has reached an all time low.

The issue is a lack of a reliable distribution solution to store and transmit files in a trustless system. No
system currently exists that is effective in reaching mass adoption and protect users at the same time.
Companies have now moved towards the installation of local systems to store data which are both
expensive and time consuming to maintain, because they simply can no longer trust in centralized cloud
storage to fulfill and support their needs.

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Opal Whitepaper