OneRoot Network Whitepaper


1.1 Background
Since Satoshi Nakamoto put forth the concept of BitCoin in 2009, encrypted digital
assets based on blockchain technology have developed rapidly, estimated to reach a
total market value of USD 200 billion by the end of 2017. The blockchain is not merely a
technological innovation – its core underlying concepts of decentralisation,
disintermediation, and trustless transactions reveal the possibility of building entirely new
economic models. From computer geeks to corporations and governments, more and
more organisations are carrying out research about, and attempting to implement,
blockchain technology. In the fields of value empowerment and transfer, due to the
factors of openness, transparency, and traceability, blockchain technology has already
shown its clear and significant advantages. Ultimately, it is predicted that blockchain
technology will enable us to realise digitalisation of all assets, and allow full control of
personal wealth.

1.2 Current situation
The key features of centralisation are possession and monopoly, which makes
traditional economic models unable to adapt to asset digitalisation. This impedes the
flow of resources within the industry. As a technology-oriented emerging industry, basic
infrastructure is lacking, industry norms and common technical knowledge have yet to be
established, and technical friction is high, making the industry unfriendly to outsiders and
impeding the inflow of external funds.

1.3 Vision
The Foundation’s vision is to create a new set of digital asset infrastructure based
on agreed-upon protocols, which is able to create a shared economy ecosystem which
achieves consensus with every co-builder in the digital asset ecosystem, to co-create an
equal and open blockchain data platform, for each and every user to list its digital asset,
and which will be better suited for the blockchain industry. The Foundation aims to
create “win-win” situations in the projects which it undertakes. At the same time, on the
basis of agreed-upon protocols, the Foundation will focus on asset digitalisation
infrastructure, providing information, purchasing solutions, transaction, and liquidity
solutions for users. This will make it simpler for outside funds to enter the blockchain
industry, creating a sustainable win-win blockchain ecosystem.
To achieve the vision stated above, the Foundation has planned to set up a
complete set of solutions, including the creation of technologically supported
infrastructure and economically-drive eco-model. Chapter 2 will focus on infrastructure
creation and Chapter 3 will discuss the eco-model.

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