Ondori Whitepaper

Ondori (ticker: RSTR) is a coin that is built off the concept of community involvement. Community is
everything, and when a community works hard to actively share a project, the project can go as far as the
community is willing to take it.

It’s been seen already too many times where individual investors get sucked into the false promises,
glamour, or vapor wear of a project – and we will not be that. We want to give our investors an
opportunity to be a part of a promising project from the start, and with a “don’t talk about it, be about it”
approach, with fair and strategic planning, we offer to do just that. We’ve kept the hype down and
focused on building our brand and action plan instead.

We don’t promise to revolutionize cryptocurrency, nor are we trying to add glitz to the ideas in which we
place before you. Instead, we choose to work hard on a path that will always evolve and will deliver
results without over hyping our efforts. We will build off each success, one after the other.
We will accomplish the mission of being a working coin that we can continue to build upon in the times
ahead. Again we do not want to be one of those coins that sells you on a bunch of promises and under
delivers on them, or in many times, doesn’t deliver at all. We plan to be real and tell you that as our
community grows and the community involvement of spreading our vision grows with it, ultimately, so
will Ondori.

We will thrive on the community’s participation in helping with mass marketing our project to those new
to cryptocurrency and those who are already taking part in it. We need to be open, and willing to share
our knowledge, because it’s so important to give exposure to those outside of cryptocurrency, and we
need to offer an easy entry into it. We want those fresh faces, and we need to work hard in our
community efforts to help push cryptocurrency into the everyday lifestyle. The time is now for the
evolution and Ondori is here to help facilitate that process.

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Ondori Whitepaper