On.Live Whitepaper

The On.Live platform allows users to provide almost any service to anyone from anywhere and
become a broadcaster and earn money for presenting valuable content in various business models
(Pay Per View, Pay Per Minute, In-Stream Payments).

The main goal of the Project is to be the market leader in the live advising platform market
where the customer will always find a team of specialists and valuable content on hand to
provide easy access to their knowledge. The On.Live platform creates a large blockchain
ecosystem enabling the sale of services through live broadcasts and place for stream content live
and sell it to a wide audience at affordable prices.

On.Live is a project that brings three marketplaces into one product:Live broadcast (1:
many), Live Services (1:1, 1:8), Transcoding and Relay Node market.
We use blockchain to control transactions and settlements (tokens) and we have our own platform
for real-time communication, trading and dealings.

Live Services – The marketplace gives service providers the ability to sell their services to anyone
who needs them. It enables scheduling of live broadcasts, broadcasting in HD quality in real time,
convenient billing, chat and dedicated offers, ONL tokens payments.
This applies to many industries – Lawyers, Doctors, Weight Loss, Job seeking, Fitness,
Education, Insurance, Language Learnings, Financial advice, etc.

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On.Live Whitepaper