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Video Social——A phenomenon-level trend of social networks
With the rapid development of the economy, the decline of communication costs,
and the changes in social popular culture, the needs of all aspects of the new
generation can be basically met, and its most urgent needs are the demand of social
and respect. Through the mobile social application, audience can communicate with
friends or groups anytime and anywhere to enhance friendship and the sense of
group belonging. At the same time, audience can show more details of their lives
through photos and videos, thus gaining recognition and being respected. Since the
early video chat function was born, video socialization began to sprout, but because
the video socialization was seriously insufficient and with low interest, video chat
was more used by audience as a communication tool like “telephone”, which was
less social. In the past two years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and
smart phones, video has become another mobile social carrier after text and
pictures. The fun has also been greatly improved, especially by young people. In the
foreseeable future, video socialization will become the new format of social network
development and will become a new normal state. Among them, one-to-many online
live broadcast platform is an important product form of video socialization.
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