Oceanlab Whitepaper


Thank you for taking the time to read our whitepaper. We hope that the information
presented here will allow you to understand our potential as a team, as an investment tool and
last but not least as a powerful addition which will greatly benefit us all as well as the Waves’

Enjoy our first prototype:

The problem
A blockchain is not a transfer of value between A and B anymore, it can do things which are a
lot more complex.

From the already available token creations(CAT) to the future smart contracts, the Waves
platform is building the strongest link between the blockchain and real world applications,
companies and individuals. There’s now more exploitable data available inside the blockchain
than ever, and also a lot of related external data as most of the tokens and transactions are
connected to actual projects.
This amount of data however is very hard to read, and even harder to analyze.

The solution
Oceanlab will act as the missing link between transactions and people, you’ll be able to read
the blockchain as if you were reading a newspaper, accessing information related to trading,
new uses of the blockchain, new technologies, projects, … without browsing through an
enormous amount of data.

Information is one of the most precious asset from this era and our aim is to master it to be
able to provide it to anyone the way it is needed.
We’re in the process of creating the technology able to gather and process an enormous, ever
growing amount of data and we plan to make the tools to make that technology available to

But also…
We’re looking deeply into Waves ever growing capabilities to invent new features and
application fields for the Waves blockchain, our lab is already working on several projects
unavailable to any other existing platform and some of our tests are already succeeding.
Blockchain mass adoption is a slow process and our lab will contribute to it by acting as a
technical incubator for european projects, imagining new use cases and helping the best ideas
become a reality.

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Oceanlab Whitepaper