OTCBTC Token Whitepaper

With blockchain technology developing so quickly and gaining increasing usage in most sectors,
the activities of the global OTC(over-the-counter) trade has been boosted and the use of
cryptocurrency have gained serious diversification, especially as regards to trade and business
models, which connects the OTC and the exchange more closely.
The exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat money is vital to the ecological chain of
cryptocurrency. At present, cryptocurrency and fiat money can only be traded through the OTC
in most countries in the world.
In general, there is no fixed place, no provisions for membership and no strict regulations for
OTC. It is mainly person-to-person trade conducted by individuals through private negotiation.
OTC is currently developing rapidly all around the globe. The chart below is part of the BTC-CNY
OTC trading volume movements that happened per day on certain platforms in 2017.

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OTCBTC Token Whitepaper