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Connecting Artificial Intelligence and and Blockchain for value chain optimisation (opening up over 1,000 A.I. algorithms to the Crypto Community)

Business value chains are witnessing an inescapable shift towards fully digital transactions. The
multitude of data available in real-time (Big Data) will increasingly be used to optimize these value
chains by harnessing artificial intelligence and robotics.
Any value chain (B2B, B2C, etc.) is basically composed of three major “flows”: (i) the flow of goods
and services; (ii) the flow of information; (iii) the flow of payments. Efficiency is the name of the
game, i.e. optimizing all three flows means reaching maximum efficiency (“efficiency singularity”) in
terms of optimal (faster, cheaper, better) distribution of goods/services within the value chain –
from suppliers to customers, which in turn requires efficient sharing and transfer of information and
payments among the participants of a given value chain.
Value chains with centralized organizations can theoretically reach such efficiency singularity, while
value chains with (partially) decentralized, independent organizations are very often not able to optimally work together (in sharing goods/services, information and payments), mainly because of lack
of trust. As a consequence, trillions in value get lost every year due to inefficiencies in the mentioned

While A.I. algorithms can already optimize the flow of goods and services within value chains which
include decentralized organizations (“Mixed Value Chains”), so far no groundbreaking technology
was available to solve the issue of trustless participants not sharing information and payments in
the most efficient way. Blockchain is such a technology and connecting it with Artificial Intelligence
is the key to enabling the achievement of (quasi) maximum efficiency in such Mixed Value Chains.
ORS Group has developed the concept of Hypersmart Contracts, i.e. intelligent connectors (smart
daemons with an associated Ethereum account) which (i) activate A.I. algorithms (off-chain) to
solve complex efficiency/optimization problems utilizing data stored on-chain by independent,
decentralized organizations; and (ii) can release instant crypto payments. Thanks to Hypersmart
Contracts (“HSC”), the power of A.I. can be applied to reach the highest possible level of efficiency
(and, therefore, of profitability) in the flows of goods/services, information and payments within any
value chain.

ORS GROUP is a pioneer in this area: for more than twenty years our AI-based software solutions
have helped Fortune 2000 customers from various fields to automatically optimize trillions of digital
transactions daily. What makes such achievements possible are so-called Hypersmart Algorithms,
i.e. combinable modules of sophisticated algorithms. They are the building blocks for more than a
hundred proprietary software solutions (the “ORS Hypersmart Solutions”) sold to global organizations (see www.ORS.ai).

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