Noah Coin Whitepaper


With the advent of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, new opportunities for business and
disruptive financial applications have entered the market. As an alternative payment
method, it has gained popularity among contributors, entrepreneurs, and consumers over
the last few years. Such popularity would not be possible without blockchain technology, a
ground-breaking technology that powers all cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies and the
blockchain is not simply a technological trend, but rather a shift towards a better future, one
in which managing one’s finances is becoming easier, faster, cheaper and safer. The
cryptocurrency industry has given birth to an entirely new market which has the potential to
disrupt existing market strategies and conventional business practices.

One of the challenges facing this new technology today is the lack of specific platforms that
will allow user to participate in this industry with minimal effort and a specific purpose. By
creating the Noah Foundation, users who wish to participate in unique and robust projects
between Japan and the Philippines will now be able to use a platform that makes this
accessible and simple to use.

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Noah Coin Whitepaper