No BS Crypto Whitepaper

Transparent rating and review of any crypto-related project, as such term is defined
hereinafter, by a group of unbiased crypto enthusiasts without possibility of pay-to-play
manipulation or conflicts of interest.

About No BS Crypto
No BS Crypto is originally the brainchild of serial entrepreneur, Chris Koerner. When
Chris first got involved in the crypto community in 2016, he was astonished by the
amount of fraud, manipulation, scams, pump and dumps, and overall illegitimacy of
what he saw as the world’s next major asset class. He found it entirely disheartening,
and set out to fix the problem. After tiring of seeing the manipulation and exploitation of
new crypto entrants, he launched the No BS Crypto brand, to help provide trustworthy
and unbiased content to fellow crypto enthusiasts.

In the fall of 2017, Chris discovered an inefficiency in the crypto altcoin market. With the
help of a friend, they subsequently created an algorithmic trading strategy that, since
inception, has proven to beat the market by outpacing Bitcoin’s growth in the volatile
bull and bear markets that crypto has seen recently. This trading strategy has propelled
the No BS Crypto community from 300 to over 100,000 crypto enthusiasts in a matter of
5 months and has since taken on a life of its own. This strategy has become even more
accurate and simplified based on feedback received from users. This strategy has been
completely free for public use since inception, and has enabled thousands of crypto
investors to grow their crypto wealth in even the most uncertain of times.

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No BS Crypto Whitepaper