Nitro Whitepaper


The video-games industry is booming. The industry generated over US$100 billion in
revenue in 2016, with experts predicting a growth of 30% over the next 5 years,
showing tremendous potential in this sector.

However, the structural problems currently present in the video-games industry
impose limits to the video-games community over the course of this growth. One
pertinent issue is the presence of an imperfect economy within the video-games
industry – a market that is currently controlled by oligopolistic large corporate actors.
Another issue is the presence of imperfect information between these actors, which
inevitably prevent the most socially beneficial outcomes from taking place within the
sector. The lack of access to funding for new Promising Game Studios also poses a
significant problem to this industry as well.

Enter Nitro; an independent, blockchain-based online collaboration platform, which
seeks to allow participation in the video-games economy, to connect various
stakeholders, and to achieve growth for the overall Nitro network.
Using a new blockchain cryptocurrency called NOX, this economic platform will bridge
the problems currently plaguing the various actors in the video-games industry, and
through the process, bring about massive benefits to the global video-games
community. Most importantly, we seek to democratise the economy of the videogames
industry, creating a holistic community by bringing all the stakeholders onto an
integrated platform.

By purchasing NOX, NOX holders will be able to participate in the economy of the
video-games industry. Nitro will fund games voted in by NOX holders on the platform.
Promising Game Studios will have access to much needed funding and will be able to
connect with gamers earlier on in the development cycle. This will greatly improve the
quality and variety of games produced. On the side of the gamers, they will be able to
use the token as in-game currency to purchase games or in-game items. Gamers may
also be eligible for incentives, in the form of NOX tokens given out by game studios,
for performing actions such as trying out new games, participating in game
tournaments etc. We believe gamers are well positioned to be among the most prolific
early adopters of cryptocurrencies.

Revenue-share from funded game titles will be kept in a Vault and NOX Holders will
be incentivized with rewards distributed from Nitro’s Vault from time to time, as a
form of reward for their participation in growing the network.
This is among the first in the world, with NOX being the pioneering blockchain-based
cryptocurrency token to be backed by a publicly listed company, iCandy Interactive
Limited (ASX: ICI).
We believe that Nitro will disrupt the playing field, acting as a mean to connect and
grow the video-games industry in a manner that is equitable for all parties.

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