NetCoin Whitepaper


POS Implementation: Done Differently
After a period of time discussing with the Netcoin community, exchanges and
sourcing feedback from the general public, we decided that implementing POS was
necessary. Why?

1. The fact that POW is not truly profitable anymore. ASICS are making Scrypt
POW mining actually unprofitable ­ look at
2. POW requires a lot of energy (POS is more eco­friendly).
3. Netcoin wanted to continue to provide cutting edge features to the

However, with the increase in number of “alt­coins”, copies, pump and dumps, etc …
Netcoin needed to do something special to demonstrate it is not a simple copy of the
hundreds of other POS and POW cloned coins out there. We wanted to give the
community a truly unique coin, and that required some truly unique coding and

So, to explain what PIR (Or Personal Investment Rate) is, and why it’s different, we’ll
need to explain “traditional” stake rewards:

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