Nebulas Whitepaper


Bitcoin brings “decentralized currency” to the world of blockchains, while
Ethereum system showcases “smart contract”. Blockchain has already gained
significant development and prosperity in the past three years. However, we find
the existing technology far from being perfect. Blockchain starts to face more
and more challenges in its integration with current business and user

This white paper mainly focuses on three concepts: value rank of blockchains,
the positive feedback ecosystem, and the self-evolving blockchain system.
Based on these, we present Nebulas’ idea and solutions, which consists of
Nebulas Rank (the measure of value for blockchains) and Nebulas Force (a
fundamental self-evolving mechanism for blockchains). We will also elaborate
on the mechanism of our innovation in consensus: PoD (Proof of Devotion) and
DIP (Developer Incentive Protocol).

The ultimate mission of the Nebulas Blockchain is to build a self-evolving
blockchain system based on value incentive, which will also be the most
important development direction in the world of blockchains hereafter. As
commonly known in the current industry, core components such as smart
contracts, domain name systems, developer toolkits, wallets, etc., are being
provided as part of the launch of the Nebulas platform.

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Nebulas Whitepaper