Narrative Whitepaper

It’s time for content creators to get rewarded for their hard work. Narrative is a
self-sustaining content ecosystem where members are in charge, users get paid,
and the world’s best content, on every subject imaginable, is easy to find.
Narrative is a Content Economy,
generating rewards for content
creators, moderators, and others who
positively contribute to the quality of
content on the network.

Narrative is autonomous, transparent,
and completely user-centric.
Reputation scores and content ratings
ensure that “bad eggs” have minimal
impact and that quality users and
content rise to the top (and are
rewarded the most).

The economic motive for Narrative
is to reward all users who add value
to the network.
Narrative is the world’s public journal.
There are three types of content
channels on Narrative: Personal
Journals, Niches (subject-based
collections), and Brands.
Users can follow specific Narrative
channels and view a stream of all
content they track. All content is
public, curated and managed by
elected moderators.

Best of all, 85% of all revenues
generated by the network flow
directly to the active participants (e.g.,
content creators, active participants,
moderators, and other positive
The Narrative organization
(“Organization”) manages the
software development, technical
infrastructure and product marketing,
but has no role in moderating users or

All revenue for the network is logged
and managed using blockchain
technology to ensure immutability
and transparency, but the network
itself may include off-chain functions
to ensure outstanding performance
and powerful search capabilities.
Narrative makes visible all actions by
moderators and leaders, so that the
community as a whole can ensure it is
properly represented.
It’s great content, by the people, for
the people.

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Narrative Whitepaper