NaPoleonX Whitepaper


The first 100% algorithmic crypto asset manager surfing on two exponential
trends: the quantitative management wave and the crypto currency universe’s
expansion. Founded by ex-multi-billions asset managers in tier 1 banks, it
will propose all-weather performing investment solutions for crypto holders,
through Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs).

Abstract: Investment solutions are still limited within the blockchain ecosystem,
restricting investors to manage most of their savings outside the cryptocurrency
environment. We believe that the feasibility to invest in a large spectrum of
performing assets, through tokenization of the financial markets, would be
the game changer for the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. Indeed, so
far cryptocurrencies have mostly been contained as a mean of payment. It is
now time to accelerate the “store of value” beyond the simple appreciation
against fiat currencies.

We propose the first solution of smart collaborative investing dedicated to
cryptocurrencies holders, through the creation of Decentralized Autonomous
Funds (DAFs). Each DAF will be a crypto-fund whose investment strategy
shall be governed by a blend of trading bots. At first, each DAFs will be
created for a unique underlying assets. In a second stage combination of
underlying assets might be allowed in the DAFs.

The NaPoleonX token (NPX) holders, by participating to the selection of
the trading bots, will benefit from (i) the rights to use for their own personal
account the trading signals provided by the first trading bots and (ii) a revenue
share from the Rental Fees (referred to as “Botons” in this Whitepaper) paid
by the DAFs for the use of the trading bots. Botons will be equal to 25% of
gross performance. The NPX token holders will get 85% of these Botons for
the 10 first DAFs that Napoleon Crypto will create.


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NaPoleonX Whitepaper