NEVERDIE Whitepaper


The Virtual Reality infrastructure we are all familiar with
includes graphic engines, physics engines, graphics cards, PC headsets,
server farms, etc. But what that really amounts to, is the technology to
create the illusion of Virtual Reality. This technology allows developers to
create environments that we can experience first person.

To bring Virtual Reality to life, it must be populated with simulations that we can interact
with, this can best be described as game design. Well designed MMORPG’s bring Virtual
Reality to life and allow us to become deeply engaged in the illusion.
Most MMORPG’s feature well developed character development systems and economic
models to support the illusion of progression as one plays.

The economic models within MMORPGS’ often feature infrastructure that is either free to
use or requires in game currency or items to utilize. In a fantasy realm for example, magic
portals may provide the fastest route between two distant zones. Players may need to loot or
craft items to use the portals or otherwise trade with other players to get them. A magic portal
system, which is essential for connecting distant zones or plains inside a vast virtual world, could
be described as infrastructure without which it might be very difficult to play at the pace we desire.
A good example of this type of infrastructure in the real world are the railroads, building railroads across
America for example was essential for the development of the nation and the economy and continues
on after over one hundred and eighty-five years to be the primary means of moving freight across the nation.
The majority of MMORPGS feature some type of infrastructure that is fundamental to the economy of the
game or at least to the ease of play. Because of the fragmented approach to online game
development, there is no infrastructure that bridges virtual worlds and games.

To move from one game to another you must exit the game into reality and the log into a new game.
To create an interoperable virtual goods economy that will fully utilize the breakthrough technology of the
Ethereum blockchain which provides infrastructure to support a new digital universe we must adopt
gamified infrastructure that will provide the foundation for interconnected game worlds.
A gamified layer on the Ethereum blockchain that will utilize universal tokens.

NEVERDIE Whitepaper