NANJCOIN Whitepaper


NANJCOIN is an Ethereum token developed and managed by the users of’s “Nandemo Jikkyou” message board, or NanJ for short. The Nandemo
Jikkyou board is a place where passionate sports fans (also known as Nanjinians
or J-Boys) gather and engage in sublimely trivial banter day and night. Shortly
after its creation, the NANJCOIN Discord community quickly gained momentum,
attracting a variety of members from all walks of life, and continues to grow by
the day.

NANJCOIN was conceived with the mission of better enjoying sports and aims
to expand by working together with business partners in the sports industry. By
making transactions with NANJCOIN, you will reap greater and more unique
benets unobtainable through regular payment methods. In addition, NANJCOIN
will also provide a system for conveniently making donations to sports
organizations in need of nancial support, be they individual players, teams,
niche domestic sports with little backing, or even regional sports clubs. (From
Stage 3) NANJ plans to implement a voting system through which members can
use tokens to nominate various sports teams to be managed directly by the

NANJCOIN Whitepaper