MyToken Whitepaper


The blockchain technology as represented by Bitcoin and Ethereum has been rapidly growing
in the recent years. Not only does it create a revolutionary technology, the cryptocurrencies
that come along with it have developed a new model for financing ventures. Characterized
with low funding costs (for companies) and high ROI and liquidity (for investors), this new
model shows huge potential for greater use in all kinds of industries.

Established in August 2017, MyToken focuses on providing aggregate exchange market
information and has become a market-watching application with the largest market share and
the highest number of active users in China.

As a platform that has attracted many cryptocurrency investors, MyToken hopes to further
solve the problems faced by our users in the market today. MyToken’s vision is to create a
new cryptocurrency investment service ecosystem based on the blockchain technology and
token system. The new ecosystem will be able to minimize transaction cost, provide the best
content and the best social interaction experience, and integrate some of the most valuable
investment tools into itself.

MyToken is an advocate for value investing and decentralization. We wish to become the
bridge connecting the blockchain technology and its users as well as investors by accelerating
the transformation process in which the users get involved.

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MyToken Whitepaper