MyWish Whitepaper


Currently, there are over 15 millions of Bitcoin wallets from which more than a quarter of all existing bitcoins were lost forever. In the world of cryptocurrencies there are no mechanisms for managing the funds in various life circumstances, such as in the case of lifelong annuities, marriage contracts, death or the loss of key for the wallet.

MyWish platform is dedicated to solving the issue. The platform allows creating and executing the rules for distribution of funds using smart contracts and decentralized environment for calling them.

Our mission is to bring common money-related practices into the crypto world: automatic regular payouts, wedding agreements, wills, lost wallet keys protection etc.

We make using crypto assets safe and convenient.

From the user’s point of view, MyWish is a mobile application and a website where anyone can easily create a smart contract and then manage it. The simplest contract consists of three parts: wallet (source), conditions, and wallet (destination). The conditions determine, when the transfer of funds must be done. The platform supports full life cycle of a contract: creation, starting, monitoring and completion. It provides the tools for management and customization of personalized contracts.

Unlike other projects dedicated to smart contracts in general, MyWish platform focuses on the crypto funds management under various life circumstances.
Main features of the platform are:

• the platform implements the decentralized environment for calling smart contracts, ensuring performance of the contract even in the absence of the platform;
• User-friendly interface, multiplatform
• integration of external developers contracts is implemented;
• transfer of crypto assets to heirs’ traditional banking accounts integration.

The service is available at:

MyWish Website
MyWish Whitepaper