Musiconomi Whitepaper


Our vision
Music is an integral part of our lives that brings us closer and connects us. It’s a common language we all speak regardless of age, nationality, religion, race, or culture. Music is also a lucrative form of business. People all around the world are streaming 5 trillion songs online and the music industry reached $15.7bn in revenues in 2016.

However, much of the revenue from music does not go to the creators of value. The most obvious example is the musician, who often receives only a small fraction of revenue collected from end users, and although the music economy is complex and is influenced by many different organizations and individuals, only some are value creators in their own right and deserve to be compensated for their contributions. Others are not.

At Musiconomi, we have made it our mission to recognize and incentivize value creation, starting with the musician but extending to the bloggers, promoters, fans, labels, and others that help make a thriving music economy possible.

Musiconomi Project Mission
Musiconomi’s mission is to build a global environment where artists, DJs, bloggers, promoters, listeners, and other entrepreneurial music enthusiasts can create an exchange value in a transparent and timely manner.

The platform will offer:

tools for content creators/owners to publish their content and directly control the disbursement of payments to co-creators (e.g band members, song writers, producers, editors),
tools for content promoters to promote great content and be rewarded for their effort,
tools for content consumers (listeners, readers, etc) to find, share, and enjoy the new content and become promoters and creators themselves.

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Musiconomi Whitepaper