Motocoin Whitepaper


Motocoin is a crypto-currency of a new kind. It is inspired by Bitcoin but has major difference. Bitcoin is
based on a scheme called proof-of-work. In this scheme miners perform some computations (called
work) on their computers and then use proof of that work to secure coin transactions and to get their
reward. Motocoin is similar to Bitcoin but instead of relying on a work done by computers it relies on a
work done by humans. This work consists of playing 2D moto-simulator game, hence the currency
name. People play the game and get rewarded for this. We call this scheme proof-of-play.

Proof-of-work can be briefly described as follows. You have block and you try to find number (called
nonce) so that hash of block together with nonce would be less than given target value. Once found it is
easy for everyone to check that it is correct.

Proof-of-play is different. Instead of searching for number you are trying to find input to game such that
level pseudo-randomly generated from block can be completed with this input. Instead of comparing
hash with target value you are checking that time that it took to complete level with this input is less
than given target time. Because having only one level per block would be bad there is additional nonce
value (not shown on diagram above) that is used in le

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