Moss Coin Whitepaper

Mossland is a gaming platform centered around virtual properties of landmarks from the real world.
Mossland utilizes the in-game currency Moss Coin (MOC), an ERC-20 based cryptocurrency, to run the
in-game economy.
Through the platform, virtual properties are bought and sold, auctions are conducted, and
accessories can be created in the form of ERC-721 tokens. The effort users put into a virtual property
(upgrading a virtual property, applying accessories, increasing user check-ins etc.) can also be stored in
the ERC-721 format or in an advanced form of blockchain technology. Users will have a simultaneous
ownership of virtual properties and accessories in all the services under the Mossland platform.
Instead of making an individual gaming environment with their own virtual properties and
ownerships, game producers will have access to a market with a sufficient number of users and a
convenient virtual property trading system by choosing Mossland as their platform to develop their
own services.
If a new blockchain technology with higher performance and correspondingly lower transaction fees
is introduced after Mossland is launched, Mossland may be converted to a blockchain-based platform
and all Mossland’s assets would then become on-blockchain assets.

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Moss Coin Whitepaper