Morpheus Labs Whitepaper

Seldom has a technology fascinated the media and public like blockchain. Touted to be the catalyst of the fourth industrial revolution, institutions are experimenting with the technology. Similarly, investors have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in blockchain-related firms. Such investments carry risks of failure in commercialisation and organisations, which generally lack the lab-like environment to experiment with the technology in a low risk, safe-to-fail setting.

Innovation is a combination of creativity and implementation. Often, an idea needs to go through phases of evolution or to pivot before it reaches maturity for commercialisation. In reality, most ideas seldom reach their commercialisation value because the cycle is too long and expensive, rendering it too ineffective in time and costs to allow ideas to grow and mature. Hence, commonly, almost 99% of start-ups fail.

Join us in this journey of experimentation, discovery and innovation

Our objective is to build an enterprise-grade blockchain platform as a service (BPaaS) with an additional blockchain app marketplace that enables organisations of any size, regardless of whether they are a two-person company or a Fortune 500 company to rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers.

Too much focus has been given to the price of tokens but not enough to the fundamentals of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original purpose of the blockchain, which is to enable anyone and everyone to partake in the exchange of value and realise the power of the blockchain. We believe that blockchain technology has the power to change lives for the better and we are building a platform for inclusion. This BPaaS will be the vehicle to enable anyone to benefit from this technology.

This will help idea originators create their own blockchain innovation lab, with the necessary infrastructure and set of integrated tools. It will empower them to test-drive blockchain applications and experiment with the technology at a fraction of the cost and time.

Working closely with business partners, we will offer comprehensive blockchain-based solutions. Our partner-driven model allows us to bring in complementary emerging technology and blockchain expertise, allowing customers to experiment with and build bleeding edge blockchain applications atop our platform.

This project is founded by a cross-functional team that has a combined 70 years’ experience in artificial intelligence, blockchain, mobile application, cybersecurity and IoT across Europe and Asia. We are advised by a seasoned advisory team consisting of industry veterans, prominent angel investors with over 125 years’ experience in legal, IP, IT, finance, investment and technology.

‘The Best way to predict the Future, is to build it’ ~ Abraham Lincoln.

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Morpheus Labs Whitepaper