More Coin Whitepaper

MORE’s aim is to create a collection of one of a kind nightlife destinations that are the antithesis of big impersonal venues. Beginning inside of Argyle Hollywood which is open now, MORE delivers an unparalleled experience that places you in the entertainment capital of the world. MORE is a reinvention of the club experience because it is truly a club and not a dance hall with a cover charge.

Entry into MORE requires ownership of MORE Coin.

MORE Orange County will open on November 30, 2018.

MORE locations in Miami, New York and Chicago are planned.

At MORE, our members are greeted and immediately escorted by staff to the private section skipping the often long lines of the typical club experience. Coin holders are treated to a series of announced and unannounced evenings with world famous recording artists and entertainers. These artists that appear at MORE may also be members.
Association with MORE will grant you access to experiences that are often only a part of the imagination with More you get exactly that, More… More exclusive invites, more experiences that make most people’s dreams your reality.
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More Coin Whitepaper