Monster Byte Whitepaper


Monster Byte Inc. is a technology company which owns a suite of long-standing and
profitable Cryptocurrency Gambling websites, all of which have been custom-built
with proprietary technology owned by Monster Byte Inc.
Our company is seeking expansion and revenue growth by increased marketing and
product development while also entering into wholesale B2B operations via
white-labeling all existing software for resale and licensing purposes.
Since its inception, Monster Byte Inc. has been on a mission to become the world’s
premier destination for cryptocurrency gamblers to not only wager on sports, but
also bet on casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. We have a distinct
advantage over our competitors as we can cater towards both the sports betting
and casino game demographic. Further, our B2C portals are all well-established and
have a great reputation within the bitcoin gaming community.

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Monster Byte Whitepaper