Monkey Project Whitepaper


The most important vision of MONKEY Project has always been to make the experience of Proof of Stake as easy as possible. We were in contact with thousands of crypto-enthusiasts and collected many ideas for the perfect portfolio/wallet tracking application.
Most of the users were missing a chance to monitor their Wallets even when they were not at home. They wanna get a notification when their Balance change and they finaly hit the Proof of Stake Reward. They wanna know if the Masternode is still connected to the Blockchain.

We discussed many weeks what kind of different solutions we can offer to provide a Service solving those mayor problems. The best solution we could thought of was a tracking System, automaticaly monitoring each Wallet address without getting any direct connection with the Users infrastructure itself.

MONKEY Tracking will be a Web and Mobile Application supporting all Devices and Operating Systems. We will start with this Application exclusive for $MONK but offer other coins the chance to make use of our Service at later stages.

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Monkey Project Whitepaper