Moeda Loyalty Points Whitepaper


What is Moeda?
Moeda is the first company of its kind within its field. It was launched in 2017 during a UN’s hackathon and it sought to address UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Moeda’s business model is based on a holistic approach for fostering sustainable development growth, and is made up of three primary components: a proprietary digital token (MDA), a peer-to-peer transfer application, and driving local businesses.

What is Moeda’s mission?
To promote the economic well-being of excluded communities in a sustainable way, making the investment process easier by eliminating the common financial obstacles that small businesses face.

What is Moeda’s story?
Moeda sprouted from an idea that blockchain technology offers more trust, efficiency, transparency and access to financing for those who don’t currently have the means to acquire it. The company came to fruition after the idea won the United Nations (UN) SDG hackathon and successfully carried out a crowdfunding campaign in 2017. As of early 2018, Moeda has funded 18 projects by local entrepreneurs and cooperatives in rural areas within Brazil. The team is now hard at work on a mobile application, which will boost investments in current and future projects and serve as a banking tool for business owners who are impacted by Moeda.

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Moeda Loyalty Points Whitepaper