ModulTrade Whitepaper

There is no one place where 400 mln micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) can meet
each other, commit trade agreements easily and trustfully and get help with trade-related
services ​in ​a ​cost-effective ​way.

Blockchain technology can be used to build a user’s platform which can add a module of trust
into the B2B trade cycle, while simplifying the execution of transactions and decreasing their
costs. ModulTrade has laid the foundations for creating a value ecosystem for global trade:
a digital blockchain networked value structure that is real-time, global, connected, digital and
cost-effective, ​with ​features ​to ​support ​further ​fintech ​solutions ​developed ​by ​third ​parties.
ModulTrade ​Value ​Ecosystem ​(MVE).

This white paper describes how MVE will democratize global trade by connecting the heart
of Blockchain functionalities (i.e. trust and democracy) to real life trade transactions
within ​the ​enterprises’ ​supply ​chains ​globally.

MVE ​will ​leverage ​on ​two ​innovative ​technological ​implementations:
● A Smart-contract platform: this replicates traditional trade finance instruments (such
as letters of credit and bank guarantees) and allows MSME to establish trust into their
trade ​agreements
● The MTRc (ERC-20 Ethereum-based ModulTrade token): will be a new trade enabler
(every enterprise with access to a smartphone will be able to execute trade real-time,
globally and in a cost-effective way) and 3rd party application enabler (it will be used
for charging usage fees for third parties’ solution built on ModulTrade’s smart-contract

As MVE is a multi-sided platform, requiring to reach a certain number of users to achieve a
network ​effect ​(please ​see ​further ​below ​for ​more ​details), ​this ​document ​also ​explains:
● the ​rationale ​of critical ​mass ​which ​is ​needed ​to ​trigger ​the ​network ​effect ​in ​MVE
● the ​approach ​to ​reach ​this ​critical ​mass
By combining together the development of a value ecosystem and a new crypto token for
B2B trade, ModulTrade is one of the few pioneers able to improve the trade finance
industry by connecting millions of enterprises (underserved by today’s banking system) to
the ​global ​trade ​in ​an ​easier, ​trustful ​and ​more ​efficient ​way.


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