Mobius Whitepaper


Mobius integrates the old internet with the new decentralized internet of value. Just as
Stripe integrates payment processing into apps, Mobius (MOBI) integrates the blockchain
ecosystem into apps. Our simple public APIs abstract away the underlying complexity of
blockchain integration and development; so any developer can build modular constructs
on the blockchain without specific domain expertise. As a result, Mobius makes it easy to
connect any application, device, or data stream to the blockchain ecosystem. The live
DApp Store allows every developer to securely distribute and scale cross-blockchain
applications for mass adoption. The MVP use-case is our live DApp Store that makes it
trivial for developers to accept in-app cryptocurrency micro-payments. The Mobius
protocol encompasses standards for interoperable blockchain login, payment, smart
contracts, governance, and oracles.

The blockchain at heart is a distributed transactions ledger where code is law: this
envisages the possibility of fully autonomous decentralized markets. Our goal is to allow
market participants to leverage Mobius to consume big data feeds and distill it into
mission critical insights. Mobius makes this a reality with the conception of the
Blockchain Smart Markets protocol: an incentive compatible two-sided periodically
clearing combinatorial auction. The Mobius smart market brings the possibility of
distributed hyper-efficient marketplaces, unprecedented in scale, that would coordinate
trade in data and micro-services between an ever increasing number of rational
programmatic agents. Developers can easily design market mechanisms and implement
cryptographically secure distributed markets over the blockchain, which until recently
would have been unimaginable except under pure monopoly conditions. Without the
blockchain, there is no decentralized IoT marketplace that provides the data to fuel live
AI applications. The simplest way to implement the smart market is through the Mobius
blockchain protocol.

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