MobilinkToken Whitepaper

Mobilink Coin to Revolutionize Cell Phone Industry with Blockchain Technology!
Technology moves at an incredible pace. Twenty years ago, barely any of us could imagine the world we live in today.
But some visionaries eventually saw the world using the Internet for buying products and interacting with others. The
skeptics, however, predicted that the Internet was too complex, and was for scientists and geeks.
An oft-overlooked catalyst in the technological work we live in today is the smartphone. The advent of the smartphone
changed everything: we walk around with small super-computers in our pockets, with access to all of human knowledge
at our fingertips. We can book a vacation, make free voice and video calls over data, order a pizza, get a professional
consultation, and everything in between.
Technological leaps of this magnitude come in various ways and only arise every decade or so. If the World Wide Web
was the ‘90s, then 2000s were shaped by the advent of the smartphone and slowly moving from a web economy to an
app economy. The Blockchain is the next disrupter, perhaps as disruptive as the smartphone was more than ten years
ago—and it is in the process of disrupting everything from food safety to banking to voting systems. With the
Blockchain, organizations are either excited by the infinite potential, or worried about their market share. We are happy
to be in the former camp, looking ahead at this technology’s amazing potential to reshape our world.
Mobilink is set to disrupt both the mobile advertising and telecommunications industries by using Blockchain
technology, allowing consumers to use their phones and roam seamlessly around the world at no cost, while offering
advertisers an opportunity to get a better return-on-investment for their dollars.
The current status-quo is that there are two large companies who control the bulk of mobile advertising – and in the
process they have made the end-user the product. In telecommunications, large organizations still control a significant
portion of the market and have shifted from charging for SMS messages to charging exorbitant roaming costs and
subjecting users to unnecessary data caps.
We want to change the status-quo in the advertising and telecommunications industries – the time has come to disrupt
them. Our mission is to be a catalyst of positive change in these industries, while allowing the end-user to benefit by
providing unlimited talk, data, and text anywhere in the world. We will also give Mobilink SIM card users the potential to
earn monthly ad revenue – sharing some of the advertising wealth generated with the end-user. MobilinkToken Website
MobilinkToken Whitepaper