Micromines Whitepaper

MicroMines (MICRO) is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum Blockchain, enabling users to exchange value securely, quickly, and without the expense. MICRO is developing its own ERC-20 Decentralised Exchange (DEX), which allows users across the globe to trade cryptocurrencies. Enabling them to own their private keys in order to have full control over their digital assets, MICRO Exchange users will enjoy a secure environment for trading cryptocurrencies as well as a high level of privacy. Without having to reveal any personal information, MICRO Exchange will never ask its users to submit any forms of verification such as Passport, Driving License, or Bank Statements. Thus, trading on MICRO Exchange will be completely private.MICRO Exchange will mainly have MICRO Pairs in addition to Ether. Moreover, trading fees are reduced if paid with MICRO as well as the token listing fees.Finally, MICRO Exchange is operating right in the Asian market, which is dominating the cryptocurrency industry with 38% of users globally compared to 27% in Europe and 17% in North America.

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Micromines whitepaper