Metronome Whitepaper

In the development of Metronome, the Metronome authors aspire to take the lessons learned from previous
cryptocurrencies and build one whose sole purpose is to be a long-term monetary system. With this in mind,
the Metronome authors saw a novel opportunity in:
● Economically engineering something to last
● Bootstrapping decentralized financial products
● Ensuring equal access to token distribution
● Ensuring autonomous, self-governing contracts
● Taking cryptocurrency to the next level… literally
Economically engineering something to last
Some cryptocurrencies’ mintage is either static or goes to zero over time – like Bitcoin, and Litecoin – raising
questions with economists about their long term viability.

Other cryptocurrencies’ token supply is hand-stitched together in pre-ICO deals that award certain parties a vast amount of supply, resulting in those
parties controlling the majority of tokens. Some cryptocurrencies sell out to certain parties in a pre-sale or
private sale, leaving very little to the general public. Metronome attempts to fix those problems with daily
auctions that provide an on-going token supply mintage, ad infinitum. An on-going token supply mintage is
theorized to provide sustainability versus other cryptocurrencies whose mintage either is or goes to zero.

The Metronome team expects that this will also encourage MTN holders to use the many payment features of
Metronome. Utilizing those use cases, actually using it as a currency, may help solidify its endurance. The
Metronome team also believes that an ongoing mintage also dilutes any potential disproportionate amounts
purchased at a given time. Through Metronome, the team believes it is engineering something that is
built-to-last. Longevity is Metronome’s main goal.

Bootstrapping decentralized financial products
Bootstrapping decentralized systems into self-sustainability is a new thing, more art than science. Metronome
is attempting to break new ground here. All proceeds from Metronome’s auctions are sent to two separate
smart contracts, which are designed –among other things– to provide liquidity to MTN owners that may want
to sell.

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Metronome Whitepaper