MetaMorph Whitepaper is an easy exchangeable platform that can switch
digital currencies between each other. The coin switching as we
call “Morph” combines the most popular cryptocurrencies on the
market. is designed for newbie or seasoned traders, it’s a
unique coin swapping, peer-to-peer exchange to give the user the
best exchange rates with low spreads, be able to secure and backup
coins aswell as quickly and easily move cryptocurrency around without
the hassle of getting into the traditional exchanges that are over
complicated and extremely difficult to manage digital assets in todays
market. is a first of it’s kind enabling anyone to be able to easily
exchange and store coins in a secure wallet, check portfolio with easy to
understand charts and backup in realtime.

The way exchange works is we use hash-time logged contracts which
essentially means when you send over a transaction and its received
by the other individual it will either complete or refund both of the
individuals in an entirely trustless manner, this allows traders that you
may or may not know to buy or sell anonymously while having your
account stay safe and secure.

Why is this important?
In todays cryptocurrency world there are two types of exchanges,
Centralized exchanges or Decentralized exchanges. With Centralized
exchanges they have full control over your funds, they are not
anonymous and they can be hacked and they can also have server

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