Medicalchain Whitepaper


Thank you for taking the time to read the Medicalchain Whitepaper.
This paper is the result of collaboration between doctors, allied
health professionals, blockchain specialists, academics and
business advisors.

Medicalchain enables the user to give healthcare professionals
access to their personal health data. Medicalchain then records
interactions with this data in an auditable, transparent and secure
way on Medicalchain’s distributed ledger.

Lastly, Medicalchain is a platform for others to use to build
applications that complement and improve the user experience.
Users will be able to leverage their medical data to power
a plethora of applications and services.

Medicalchain Whitepaper 2.1 will outline the vision of
Medicalchain and the current issues in healthcare, as well as
give a brief summary of the blockchain technology used and how
Medicalchain is utilising it to address specific issues to make
healthcare better for users.

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Medicalchain Whitepaper