MedicCoin Whitepaper


There are so many coins on the market, why do you need another
coin? MedicCoin(MEDIC) is unique in that it has an active
team of developers, promoters, philanthropists, strong community
and several products to back it up.

MedicCoin adopts OpenEMR and makes it more useful for doctors and
patients. The developers are going to put a steroid on OpenEMR to
make it ten times better than what it is now. OpenEMR in its form as
MedicEMR allows patients and doctors to accept Medic Coin as a form
of payment for office visits.

MedicCoin Team is working hard to release MedicPhone, a
TeleMedicine app that allows patients to use MedicCoin to see an
online doctor. MedicPhone will be integrated with MedicEMR to give
you a complete and powerful electronic medical record.

MedicCoin allows you to mine, stake, masternode, and harvest. The
Scrypt algorithm proof of work allows you to earn 77 coins for each block
found. Staking allows you to earn 39.8 coins. MedicCoin’s masternode
owners enjoy 159.2 MEDIC per block found. Lastly, if you share your
computing power towards Stanford University’s Folding@Home project
with their research in protein folding to find the cure for diseases and
research drug properties, you get reward with MEDIC coins.

MedicCoin Marketting Team is dedicated to sign up different merchants
to accept Medic Coin as a form of payment. The Marketing team hold
experiences in the healthcare and their partners, including but not
limited to canabis shops, beauty salons and various retails. The end
goal is continuously increasing MEDIC utility.

MedicCoin is unique and strive to do good things to make life better.
Please help MedicCoin build a strong community and foundation.

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MedicCoin Whitepaper