Measurable Data Token Whitepaper


Keyword:​ ​Blockchain,​ ​Big​ ​data,​ ​Decentralized
Today, we are living our digital lives creating massive amount of data from
everything we do. Big data is the new oil, yet the ones who contribute the most of it
are unaware of that treasure. Most service providers collect users’ data with no
intention to disclose the reason and the intrinsic economic value, meanwhile, users
trade their data unconsciously in exchange for a free app or service.
What if users could control their data and be rewarded accurately for the value it

The solution is a decentralized, transparent data exchange economy, based on
blockchain technology.

We will now introduce Measurable Data Token (MDT), a crypto token for a
decentralized data exchange ecosystem. MDT connects data providers, users, and
data buyers, and denominates the data’s value when exchanged. MDT enables a
more efficient, transparent and honest market for data trading.
The first component of this ecosystem is Open Messenger, a messenger solution
based on the email protocol. Open Messenger connects users with a smooth
communication experience. It will be the first service to adopt the MDT ecosystem
and utilize it as a payment system to reward all parties involved.
Our vision is a Decentralized Data Value Exchange Economy for everyone in the
digital world.

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Measurable Data Token Whitepaper