Maverick Chain Whitepaper


The trend of cryptocurrency
Since Satoshi Nakamoto proposed the Bitcoin genesis block in 2009, the total
market value of the global cryptocurrency market has soared from 0 dollar to
today’s $150 billion dollars. 2014 witnessed the birth of Ethereum made a even crazy
vision with smart contract. Jointly with the block-chain technology, it has created a
dramatic growth of the global cryptocurrency market. What’s more, it was quietly
developing the power that can transform the world.

Although cryptocurrency has undergone eight years of magnificent development, everything has just begun. It is expected that within 5 years, the market value of the cryptocurrency market will exceed the total global gold market value which is $ 7 trillion dollars with great possibility. However, the traditional assets that are directly circulated in the cryptocurrency market have credit consensus of the global unified market, more efficient trading mechanism and better liquidity due to the characteristics of the block-chain technology. At the same time, as a form of financial innovation tools, “asset digitization” has also developed rapidly. The smart contract system based on the block-chain technology is applied to “asset digitization”, which can greatly improve asset efficiency and increase liquidity while ensuring the openness, transparency, traceability and compulsory execution in asset transaction links. Besides, it can avoid such problems as under-the-table operations, delay and even payment refusal in centralized organizations.

Therefore, the momentum to the convergence of block chain and internet assets
will be irresistible, and the goal of the Maverick System is to become the leading
force that can promote the combination of the two.

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