Matryx Whitepaper


Abstract— Innovation is an iterative process; scientists
have mastered the art of standing on the
shoulders of giants. New discoveries are the result of
collaboration between mathematicians, scientists, and
researchers alike, each building on thousands of years
of established knowledge. In this paper we present
Matryx, a platform that enables and incentivizes this
type of collaboration. Matryx is composed of a bounty
system and a marketplace for digital assets to be
bought, sold, and remixed into new assets. Bounties
are placed on solutions to specific problems. Submissions
to bounty tournaments enter the collection of
assets and are available to other users. In this way
collaborators are incentivized to build, distribute, and
expand upon each other’s work in the pursuit of valuable
goals. Matryx reduces friction of collaboration
between strangers by providing a common framework
and concrete goals.
While this paper will focus on its applications
within the fields of science, technology, engineering
and mathematics, Matryx’s approach to collaboration
is applicable in a wide variety of fields.

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Matryx Whitepaper