Manna Whitepaper


Manna is the first publicly traded, blockchain-based
currency to be distributed as a
Universal Basic Income subsidy to anyone in
the world who applies and is verified as a
unique human being. Manna, originally
called Grantcoin, is also the first cryptocurrency
to be managed and distributed by a
U.S.-based tax-exempt nonprofit organization,
and to be value-backed not only by
investors, but also by tax-deductible donations
which are used to buy back the token
on markets where it trades. If sufficiently
capitalized in the future, Manna will also be
backed by profits from a capital reserve
fund, similar to the Alaska Permanent Fund
which pays an annual dividend to all citizens
of the U.S. state of Alaska and is the
longest-lasting and most successful UBI
subsidy program in the world.

Since launching as Grantcoin in 2015, Manna
has seen an 80-fold increase in price and
has attained a circulating market cap of over
$4 million USD as of January 1, 2018. (Note:
This has continued to increase, more than
doubling already in 2018.) There are more
than 3,500 known stakeholders of Manna in
at least 100 countries around the world.
Through the end of 2017, over $250,000 USD
had been given away as basic income in the
formof Grantcoin or Manna currency.
The Manna project aims to achieve three
main goals:

1. Implement an economically impactful
basic income on the blockchain, especially
to help some of the world’s poorest people,
children, and developing nations.

2. Enable targeted direct giving for highly
efficient, effective altruism, utilizing the
technological benefits of cryptocurrency
and smart contracts.

3. Build a global network of socially
conscious businesses, nonprofit organizations,
and their customers and supporters,
using the Manna currency as a tool to
create a more equitable economy for a
better future.

To achieve these goals, our diverse team of
talented professionals and volunteers will
raise capital; develop an online platform and
associated apps and plugins for websites
and smartphones; form partnerships with
charities; reach out to businesses, financial
institutions, governments, NGOs, and
quasi-governmental organizations; and
spread the word about Manna through a
book tour, speaking engagements, social
media, videos and artistic creations, and
personal and professional networks to continue
to grow the user base exponentially.

Ultimately, we envision Manna becoming an
alternative global reserve currency backed
by a portfolio of assets held by a global NGO.
This currency will be distributed into circulation
as a UBI subsidy and children’s savings
account program, to ensure food security for
the world’s neediest people and increased
economic opportunity for young people. We
believe this fiscally sound, socially responsible
design will lead to Manna’s adoption by
millions of users around the world.

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