MTC Mesh Network Whitepaper

MTC Mesh Network connects one machine with another in the IoT.
It is a decentralized network protocol, with its correspondence being
conducted by mutual data exchange between communication modules
installed in these machines, like BLE and Wifi. In the Mesh Network,
every machine, such as mobile phone, refrigerator, automobile, POS
and robot, can be a node. And these nodes could communicate with
each other without the traditional internet, because MTC is a totally-
decentralized Mesh Network protocol.

For blockchain network and IoT of the next generation, MTC Mesh
Network performs as the basic internet infrastructure. That is, once
MTC Mesh Network is built, all blockchain projects and IoT machines
can exchange information and make transactions rapidly and conveniently
in condition of no internet.

MTC can support all blockchain projects, such as Bitcoin, Ethereu, EOS,
Qtum and Achain, to circulate in a safe and fast way, and even there has
no internet. Also, MTC can support IoT equipment in transferring data.
In this way, network congestion caused by large qualities of transactions
would have been solved, and expensive private network ,such as Lora
and NB-IOT, is no longer needed for the IoT equipment, in this way,80%
of the cost for the construction of IoT will be saved.In short, it will become
the mainstream network for decentralized near field communication and
IoT in the future.

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MTC Mesh Network Whitepaper