MESSE TOKEN Whitepaper

Throughout the history of the exhibition industry, the establishment and change of the
participation system of the exhibition industry is accelerating. In the current era, building a
trusted distributed global blockchain decentralized exhibition platform is the future development
trend of the industry. The upgrading of AI big data, intelligent service system and blockchain
finance will better realize the new mode of global online exhibition service in the future. We believe that with the rapid development of the blockchain industry, encrypted digital
currency based on fairness, trustworthiness and security will surely become the mainstream of
global business development. Based on the background of such global blockchain application, MEESE has created the world’s leading decentralized platform for the exhibition blockchain. Through the accumulation of a large number of industry cases, and by means of constantly
adjusting its posture, MEESE has provided the blockchain decentralized exhibition services in
more than 200 regions of 40 countries around the world, dedicated to building blockchain
solutions within the industry’s ecological environment. The vision of MESSE is to apply blockchain technology to constructing a trusted
distributed exhibition environment that can both self-circulate and expand outward

messe whitepaper

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Messe Whitepaper