Lynx Whitepaper

For cryptocurrency to be considered a secure platform for exchange in today’s global
marketplace, it must be created with global sustainability in mind. As an eco-friendly
cryptocurrency, LYNX strives to solve this problem. LYNX is a decentralized cryptocurrency
that prioritizes environmental sustainability and ease-of-use for the everyday,
non-technical user. Unlike Bitcoin’s business rules which promote a consolidated,
competitive, inefficient, and profit-driven mining strategy that create an over-reliance on
fossil fuels, LYNX business rules promote the opposite. The Lynx code discourages
high-volume mining rigs because the code purposefully lacks incentives to mine it for
profit. In addition, the entire LYNX network is designed to operate on a collaboration of low
power devices that anyone can run, resulting in a collective global mining cost of only
dollars a day. This includes mining the coin and confirming transactions. As a result, LYNX 4
is more user-friendly to mine and more eco-friendly than other cryptocurrencies that have
unsustainable energy requirements. And, with the majority of coins yet to be mined, the
LYNX network can be sustained for thousands of years.

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Lynx Whitepaper