Luna Stars Whitepaper

Online dating has emerged as one of the most extensive and still-growing online industries, but user experience remains poor due to two main deficiencies in currently available platforms. The first deficiency lies in the current game theoretic tactics, the rules to which users must adhere in order to achieve dating success: bad incentives have left the dating game with a severe attention imbalance and have resulted in issues such as poor messaging behavior, fake accounts, and misuse of personal data. The second deficiency lies in poor user-matching algorithms, which result in low levels of success in finding and connecting with a potential partner.

The Luna platform introduces an entirely new approach to online dating to address these issues. Through the introduction of attention economics, Luna delivers an online dating platform which solves the attention imbalance, thereby relieving pressure on all users. Luna also introduces an innovative use of machine learning compatibility calculations to achieve superior matches between users.

To efficiently deliver this new economic mechanism, Luna employs a queueing system built upon distributed ledger technology and includes novel features to maximize user trust. This document sets out in detail both the current issues faced by online dating platforms and Luna’s solution, which includes its innovative system of incentives, its use of machine learning algorithms, and its use of blockchain to deliver a high level of user satisfaction.
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Luna Stars Whitepaper