LoyalCoin Whitepaper

Appsolutely, formed in 2013 in the Philippines, has launched digital platforms and
mobile apps that have enabled companies of all sizes, including some with top global
brands, to rapidly expand market share and accelerate growth by providing richer,
more satisfying customer experiences through loyalty and rewards programs.
Building on our expertise in loyalty and rewards programs, we are launching a new,
unified customer loyalty ecosystem that uses blockchain technology as the backbone
and the LoyalCoin digital asset as the medium of exchange. With these innovations,
we are eliminating the customer loyalty programs’ limitations we currently encounter,
such as public confusion about the different mechanics of each loyalty program,
difficulties in points exchange, lack of user engagement, and more. Removing these
problems will accelerate the formation of a more cohesive, cooperative, and
competitive customer loyalty industry.

The launch of LoyalCoin will involve commitments from entities who will have the
digital asset and use it for consumption, operational, and/or other purposes.
Participants in this new ecosystem will drive the new loyalty economy with their
activities and financial support for the scaling of our platform. For instance, in the
consumption-driven emerging economies in Asia, the spread of a unified, proactive
customer loyalty system can usher in more customer retention for companies, who
will then boost their top and bottom lines. Mass adoption and economic activity from
this dynamic loyalty environment will be the engine that can add value to each

Simply put, by replacing the limited reward points in the current customer loyalty
setup with a blockchain-backed dynamic currency that supports increased
participation between customer and brand, we can unlock the full potential of
rewards programs and increased value for participants in this revamped loyalty

In the succeeding parts of this whitepaper, we will illustrate the roles that our
company, the technology, and the digital asset will play in this new ecosystem, as well
as the value proposition of LoyalCoin as an important part of building the new loyalty
economy we envision.

Our proprietary technology for white label digital loyalty apps allowed us to launch
the country’s first mobile-based customer loyalty system in 2014, a crucial
development given that the nation is one of the world’s most savvy and active when it
comes to mobile services, particularly apps and social media.1
This technology has opened opportunities for business collaborations with companies
in multiple industries, as well as international recognition. We became the trusted
loyalty system provider for our home country’s biggest brands. Our work in the digital
loyalty space has won us the Best Technology Investment Award2 in 2015 at the
Technology Investment Conference organized by Software Park Thailand.

Companies worldwide have set out to aim for an omnichannel rewards strategy that
shows consistency in service, branding and customer experience, regardless of where
brands and consumers meet. An omnichannel reward program is a lofty goal, one that
involves a huge amount of collaboration among brands and the channels by which
they connect. Difficulty increases as more channels are added and companies enter
into agreements to arrange rewards and promotions.
Given our extensive experience in addressing brands’ needs for reaching out to
customers, we are uniquely positioned to understand, develop and implement a widereaching platform that allows for a universal loyalty points system, which is a fundamental concept for the LoyalCoin tokens we will be issuing.

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LoyalCoin Whitepaper