LoMoCoin Whitepaper


LoMoCoin is the world’s first block-chain digital currency system thriving on LBS and mobile
Internet. LoMoCoin marks the first mobile app attempting to bring together offline shops’ demand
for human traffic directing, player participation in entertaining games, and block-chain digital
currency. The brand new LBS treasure hunting mode says goodbye to the traditional boring experience and
makes the hunting process more interesting. The app enables players to explore on the map and in
reality to get LMC and special offers from shops, and shops to win the high-value O2O traffic
created by players, bridging between players and shops for value exchange and traffic monetizing
in a different way.

LoMoCoin marks a milestone for exploring and experimenting the technology commercialization
of block-chain digital currency, and will definitely become the digital currency app which forms
the biggest user group and ecosystem at the fastest speed. This unique and innovative business
model, coupled with strong technological strength and efficient execution, has won the team
2,000,000 yuan angle investment in early March And ICO has been successfully held at the
beginning of June.

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LoMoCoin Whitepaper